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Access Basics (5 days)

Covers Access Network Overview,  Network Communication Principles, xPON & xDSL Principles, PPPoE, DHC, VLAN Principles, Data service basics & Data Service Configuration, ODN Engineering Implementation and Maintenance.

1.Access Network Overview

2.Network Communication Basics

3.xPON and xDSL Principles

4.Service Implementation Basics

5.Data Service Implementation

6.ODN Basics


Access Advanced (5 days)

Covers VoIP principles and configuration, PON Multicast principles and configuration, PON QoS Basics, PON Network Protection, PON System Security Protection Features, POL & FTTx Planning and Design, Typical Troubleshooting in Access Network.

1.Networking protection

2.VoIP Principles and Configuration

3.Multicast Principles and Configuration

4.QoS Basics

5.PON Security Basics

6.POL&FTTx Planning and Design

7.Typical Troubleshooting Cases