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Datacom Basic (5 days)

Covers the foundation of telecommunication principles.

  1. Basic knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol stack.
  2. Basic principles of the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol and its implementation
  3. Ethernet technology, spanning tree, VLAN, stacking technology and their implementation
  4. Network security technology and their implementation in Huawei routing and switching devices.
  5. WLAN technologies and basic principles and their implementation on Huawei wireless devices.
  6. Basic principles of network management (such as SNMP).
  7. Basic principles of WAN protocols (such as PPP) and their implementation on Huawei routers.
  8. Basic knowledge of IPv6 and basic principles and implementation of ICMPv6 and DHCPv6.
  9. Basic principles of SDN and implementation of Huawei products and solutions.
  10. Basic principles of programming automation.


Datacom Core (5 days)

Covers the general core knowledge of all scenarios in the Data communication field, routing basics, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, routing and traffic control, Ethernet switching technology, multicast, IPv6, network security, network reliability, network service and management, WLAN, and network solutions.

  1. Routing Basics
  2. OSPF Core Knowledge
  3. IS-IS Core Knowledge
  4. BGP Core Knowledge
  5. Routing and Traffic Control
  6. Switching Core Knowledge
  7. Multicast Basics
  8. IPv6 Core Knowledge
  9. Network Security Basics
  10. Network Reliability Basics
  11. Network Service and Management
  12. Large-scale WLAN Architecture
  13. Network Solution


Datacom Advanced (5 days)

Covers advanced routing and switching knowledge in the data communication field, including advanced IGP features, advanced BGP features, IPv6 routing, advanced Ethernet technologies, MPLS technologies, Network O&M, Network Troubleshooting, and Network Cutover.

  1. Advanced IGP Features
  2. Advanced BGP Features
  3. IPv6 Routing
  4. Advanced Ethernet Technologies
  5. MPLS Technologies
  6. Network O&M
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Network Cutover