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Security Basics (5 Days)

Covers network security concepts and specifications, network basic knowledge, common network security threats and prevention, firewall security policy, firewall network address translation technologies, firewall hot standby technologies, firewall intrusion prevention technologies, firewall user management technologies, and encryption and decryption technology principles and applications.

1.Network security concepts and specifications

2.Network basics

3.Common network security threats and threat prevention

4.Firewall security policy

5.Firewall NAT technologies

6.Firewall hot standby technologies

7.Firewall user management technologies

8.Firewall intrusion prevention technologies

9.Fundamentals of encryption technologies

10.PKI certificate system

11.Encryption technology applications


Security Advanced (5 Days)

Covers firewall high reliability technologies, firewall traffic management, firewall virtual system, firewall intelligent uplink selection, IPSec VPN technology and application, SSL VPN technology and application, cyber attacks and defense, vulnerability defense and penetration testing, content security filtering technologies, emergency response, and network access control.

1.Firewall High Reliability Technologies

2.Firewall Traffic Management

3.Firewall Virtual System

4.Firewall Intelligent Uplink Selection

5.IPSec VPN Technology and Application

6.SSL VPN Technology and Application

7.Cyber Attacks and Defense

8.Vulnerability Defense and Penetration Testing

9.Content Security Filtering Technologies

10.Emergency Response

11.Network Access Control