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WLAN Basics (5 days)

Covers basic WLAN knowledge, including basic WLAN knowledge, WLAN frequency band, IEEE 802.11 protocol, 802.11 MAC architecture, 802.11 physical layer technology, WLAN networking, CAPWAP basic principles, and data forwarding. Wi-Fi 6 technology, WLAN product introduction, AP initial configuration, WLAN online configuration, and WLAN access authentication. WLAN O&M and troubleshooting, antenna technology, and WLAN project deployment.

1.WLAN Overview

2.WLAN Technology Basics

3.WLAN Networking Model

4.Introduction to Wi-Fi 6 Technologies

5.Working Principles of WLAN

6.WLAN access authentication

7.WLAN Access Configuration

8.WLAN Troubleshooting

9.WLAN Antenna Technology

10.WLAN Deployment Overview

WLAN Advanced (3 days)

Covers WLAN networking architecture, WLAN reliability technology, WLAN cloud management solution, user access and authentication technology, roaming technology, radio resource management, WLAN network planning basics, WLAN network planning tools, WLAN network planning process, network planning solutions in different scenarios, WLAN network optimization, WLAN network O&M, and WLAN network troubleshooting.

1.WLAN Networking Technologies

2.User Access and Authentication

3.WLAN Roaming

4.WLAN Radio Resource Management

5.WLAN Planning Basics

6.WLAN Troubleshooting

7.WLAN Planning Process